Outdoor Provisions all-natural energy bars and nut butters

The OP product range as of Summer 2021
Outdoor Provisions all-natural energy bars and nut butters in compostable wrappers
3 months ago
Notes On Provision
Luke Head

Luke Douglas

We started making energy bars in 2019; plant-based and all-natural in unique flavoured inspired by UK National Parks.

In the winter of 2021, we launched our new nut butters; slow-release energy from good fats, a more savoury edge and loads of different uses.

Here's an overview of our full range as of summer 2021, but rest assured we have plenty of ideas in the product development pipeline.

energy bars that actually taste nice?

Cherry & Almond
Inspired by Cherry Bakewell from the Peak District

Source of Fibre → 176 kcals → 45g℮

Sour cherry merged with sweet mellow almond to sock you right in the taste buds. Bosh!

Is it a tart, is it a pudding? Iced or served warm? Strawberry or Cherry? The precise origins and exact recipe of this one are both widely debated and closely guarded throughout Peak District towns and to be honest we dunno either.

We do know that it’s an undisputed food legend, cafe stop must-have, an easy choice for one of our first bar flavours.

Mint & Cocoa
Inspired by Choc Kendal Mint Cake from the Lake District
High Fibre → 162 kcals → 45g℮

Sweet peppermint with crunchy, bitter cocoa nibs - a nod to a UK adventure snacking legend.

Famously born out of a batch of mint sweets that went wrong, Kendal Mint Cake in its iconic original form can lay claim to being the world's first energy bar - taken on the first land crossing of the Antarctic by Sir Ernest Shackleton.

We pay tribute to it in our first run of bars, with the more modern addition of chocolate, or in our case, crunchy cocoa nibs.

Orange & Tea
Inspired by Bara Brith from Snowdonia

Source of Fibre → 159 kcals → 45g℮

Based on the rich fruity tea bread of Wales - fruity, tangy, get in my face delicious.

Never tried Bara Brith? You haven’t lived. A Welsh delicacy, literally meaning ‘speckled bread’ with dried fruit and orange peel soaked in tea before baking.

This titan of treats is more Welsh than Tom Jones & daffodils. It was in Snowdonia that we first tried Bara Brith, so this one goes out to days on Snowdon, Tryfan, Crib Goch and Cadair Idris.

Date & Ginger
Inspired by Parkin from the Yorkshire Dales
Source of Fibre → 163 kcals → 45g℮

Treacly, gingery and fiery all at once. Don't mess with Yorkshire.

Scoffed down by hungry walkers, riders and climbers across God’s own county, from Malham coves to Tan Hill Inn, the Wolds to Ribblehead.

A sticky gingerbready cakey type thing made of oatmeal and treacle with a hint of spice too, it’s outdoor refuelling at its most delicious, a worthy inspiration behind our Parkin flavoured bar.

Nut butters; the ultimate utility snack?

If our bars bucked tradition, our nut butters are us marching bravely into the future of outdoor snacking.

Coffee, Almond and Cashew
Source of protein → Gluten free → 188kcals

Rich and creamy with a subtle coffee aftertaste. Using finely ground Red Bank Mountain Rescue coffee beans all wrapped in home compostable packaging.

Almond, Date and Sea Salt
Source of protein → Gluten free → 183kcals

A balance of sweet and salty for that slight savoury hit you crave after a long day out, all wrapped in home compostable packaging. An instant classic. Dangerously moreish.

Want to dip your toe in?

Not sure which flavour is for you? Scarred by previous dealing with dubious energy snacks? We get that. That is the whole point of a taster pack, to see what's good.

Get one of each of our provisions and see for yourself - postage is free too.

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