OGs of OP - the greatest outdoor snacks

A head to head, winners takes all knock out tournament of the greatest snacks to ever fill our rucksacks
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10 months ago
Notes On Provision
Luke Head

Luke Douglas

As new kids on the block, it's important for us to pay homage to the original Outdoor Provisions; staples of running, riding and hiking from before we were even born.

So to set a benchmark for what kind of lofty heights we needed to aim for, we did a bit of social science to see what we were up against.

Little did we know it would stir up so many strong feelings...

A knockout tournament of the outdoor snacking classics

Whittling it down to just 16 to start with was hard enough. It also made for some huge first-round clashes and divisive bouts. I mean, Banana vs Maltloaf in round one? Savage.

The people took to voting with a passion. Our DM's were full of shock, horror and vocal support for our follower's favourites.

There were some titanic battles, with as little as 1% in it after more than 400 votes for each match up... the tension was almost unbearable.

As results came in, the front runners began to set themselves apart. Unsurprisingly, the much loved Tunnocks Wafer looked unbeatable, dispatching Mars Bar, Scotch Egg, and Malt Loaf to secure a place in the final.

On the other side of the draw, Flapjack had romped past Trail Mix, Noodles and the Cheese Butty. The suprise performer had to be Malt Loaf, who knocked out Banana and Jelly Babies, who saw that coming?

There could only be one winner

The eventual finalists swept aside all before them and the final got underway. A whole nation was on the edge of their seats...

After three days it was the humble but faithful flapjack that was crowned the winner, defeating the Tunnocks Wafer and taking the title of OG of OP.

That sets the benchmark for us then - we'd best get our product development caps on...

Our tournament winner, the humble flapjack.
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