How to eat nut butter

From the the experts in slow release energy snacking
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12 days ago
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Luke Head

Luke Douglas

We don't call it a utility snack for nothing. Not only is nut butter delicious and an extremely effective form of slow release energy, it's also useable in a whole variety of ways. No snack boredem issues here.

To quote the marketing campaign of a popular fondant filled chocolate egg, How will you eat yours?

1 / Neck it neat, no messin'

The way we envisioned it being eaten and the reason we put it in a compostable sachet - you can't take a jar on a trail run can you?

Give your nut butter a good knead before hand, open it up and gulp it down. We blend it smoother than most for ease of consumption like this and the slightly salty notes are such a welcome taste if you've already been on sweet stuff.

Make sure you get every last bit out then roll the sachet back up for composting once you're home.

2 / Find a vessel

This where you can get creative. It turned our nut butter makes the ideal energy condiment - making serious improvements to bananas and apples or rescuing that slightly old bread you've been carrying for 2 days.

We've seen it on tea cakes, cheese butties, noodles, rolos, dates, tortilla wraps, cheese, oatcakes...

If you're on a mission that really demands a lot of calories, you can smush one on top of an OP energy bars for a near 400kcal hit.

3 / Porridge

Ah yes, adventure breakfast staple... often slightly burnt to the bottle of your fancy thin walled ti cooking pot on a damp midge ridden morning in remote Scotland. A single 32g serving of nut butter makes a brilliant porridge topping along with whatever else you've got to hand.

That combo will set you up perfectly for a big day with no energy dips.

The perfect day of bikepacking?