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Low impact gift ideas for outdoor coffee makers
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Nov 30, 2020
Notes On Provision

Coffee Outside (+ intro to Blossom)

There is something that bit special about brewing up outdoors. On a well worn bothy table, hunkered down in a bivvi bag or post swim on the pier. It's also the source of much pre-trip packing deliberation.

It's worth knowing your options though. We once took a full size AeroPress, beans and grinder on a 650km bikepacking trip and didn't use it once because of the abundance of €1 espresso on offer.

Welcome to part two of Good to Give: the Coffee Outside edition. Low impact gift ideas for conscious outdoorsy types with a coffee habit, curated by our friends at Blossom Coffee Roasters.

Blossom Coffee are a carbon neutral roasters with a wonderful smelling office less than 50m from ours (thank you office placement gods) and they really know their stuff.

If you missed it, read Good to Give part one, here.

Blossom Coffee and Outdoors Coffee resupply pack

Low impact brewing gear

Five options for brewing better coffee outside and lowering your impact by Andy from Blossom Coffee Roasters.

Hario V60 metal double mesh filter [£40]

The V60 has long been our preferred method of brewing here at Blossom but we’ve always had an uneasy feeling about the single use nature of filter papers.

The problem has been that traditionally, portable metal filter brewers have been left to the commercial camping brands to produce and unsurprisingly the results have been pretty disappointing. Far too often the brew ‘chokes’, resulting in a very long brewing time and a very bitter, over-extracted cup of coffee.

That’s why we have been so pleasantly surprised by the super durable V60 metal filter. Hario produce the most iconic V60’s in the world and it's no surprise that they have been the ones to master the double mesh filter that ensures perfectly extracted brews without the need for filter papers. All Hario equipment is manufactured and assembled at the environmentally friendly Koga factory, the first of its kind to introduce solar energy and transition to all electric melting furnaces.

The Hario V60 features in Coffee Outside V60 Bundle ↠


Huskee Cup [from £13]

Basically the perfect outdoor mug - super hardwearing and beautiful. Huskee cups are produced using the waste husk leftover from the production of coffee at the farm. Not only that but their ‘closed loop’ system ensures that every old cup is repurposed at the end of its life to create new products, so no cup finds its way to landfill.

In a range of sizes, non-toxic (BPA-free) and designed to keep your brew hotter for longer, this is a cracking piece of kit that all of us at Blossom use religiously when we’re out and about in the mountains.

The Hario V60 features in Coffee Outside V60 Bundle ↠


Klean Kanteen TKPro 500ml thermal flask [£36.95]

When the weather is looking particularly grim, it's probably best to brew up in the comfort of your kitchen and get your flask filled up before heading out. We’ve been on the hunt for a reliable insulated flask for ages and only recently stumbled across Klean Kanteen but already we can say it is hands down the best flask we’ve ever owned.

The TKPro 500ml is capable of keeping your brew hot for upwards of 20 hours and is 100% plastic free (double-walled stainless steel). They're also a 1% for the Planet Member and a certified B Corporation.


Made By Knock - Aergrind Grinder [£99]

Made by Knock produce very, very good grinders. Manufactured in Edinburgh, these are the only hand grinders we know of made here in the UK. As the name suggests, the Aergrind has been designed to fit perfectly inside an Aeropress which makes it a perfect ‘on the move’ grinder for camping and traveling.

Weighing less than 360 grams and fitted with a 38mm steel burr set this grinder can do everything you’ll ever need, including being able to grind fine enough for stove tops if you’re that way inclined. Compact, high quality and very easy to use.

Coffee Outside Gift Bundles ft. outdoor Provisions + Blossom Coffee

Coffee Outside resupply [£23]


Top up your coffee outside supplies with a stash of our all-natural energy bars and a fresh bag of Blossom Coffee beans. Available as a one-off (would make a lovely Christmas gift, imagine how good that stocking would smell!) or as a subscription.

Buy it here ↦


Coffee Outside resupply gift pack

Coffee Outside V60 Bundle [£66]


A full backcountry barista brewing set with dunkable snacks, just add your preferred method of heating water! A gift for someone you really like.

Buy the bundle here ↠


Coffee Outside V60 Bundle

Coffee Outside AeroPress Bundle [£70]


An extra compact, super robust, highly portable brewing set with dunkable snacks, just add your preferred method of heating water! A gift for someone you really like.

Buy the bundle here ↦


Coffee Outside AeroPress Bundle

If you're ordering these for a Christmas gift (great idea) just made sure the following is clear:

Both V60 and AeroPress bundles are pre-orders that will be dispatched on 14th December, to ensure. Just in time for Christmas!

Orders placed after the 14th of December cannot be guaranteed for Christmas delivery. If your just after, best to send us a quick email to see what we can do.

All coffee outside bundle items will be shipped together in our usual minimal, 100% recyclable packaging.


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