Everything we do has an impact

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Everything we do has an impact.

We are a fiercely low impact company. Looking for ways to minimise the effect, or make positive, the effect we have on world is baked into our guiding signposts. But what does this really mean? How do we back up these good intentions? Fair questions. This page is here to be as transparent as we can about all aspects of Outdoor Provisions', from packaging, product to process.

It also serves, we hope, to highlight the lengths to which we have gone to make our relationship with the outdoors, on whom we rely on for so much, a little fairer.



The packaging we use is designed to be either 100% compostable, for disposal in a well-maintained household composting set up/green waste bin, or 100% recycled.

Bar Wrappers
Supplier: Ultimate Packaging
Country of Origin: UK, Grimsby (Film - UK, Wigton)
Impact: Compostable film laminated with compostable adhesive printed with compostable inks

18 pack boxes
Supplier: Quantum Packaging
Country of Origin:
UK, Wednesbury
100% recyclable carton board, composed of recycled pulp and FSC approved virgin fibres, manufactured in an FSC approved site. Designed to be posted naked with only a postage label affixed.

a5 and a6 boxes
Supplier: Parcelpack
Country of Origin:
UK, Stockport
100% recyclable??? TBC.

OP stamps + Ink
Supplier: Stampit
Country of Origin:
UK, Sheffield
Stamper made from 100% reclaimed wood with green cast eco acrylic base. Low emissions manufacturing. Recycled plastic ink case, water based ink.

Supplier: Michigan Print & Design
Country of Origin:
UK, Manchester
100% Recycled / recyclable card with water based ink.

Paper mailing bags
Supplier: DS Smith
Country of Origin:
made from heavy-duty 70 gsm brown kraft paper that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Corrugated Paper Roll
Supplier: Priory Direct
Country of Origin: UK, Kent
Impact: Fully recyclable and biodegradeable, made from 75% recycled content.

Wholesale boxes
Reused packaging from single energy bar delivery, resealed with paper tape.

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Reused 18 pack packaging


Palm oil free
All of our product are palm oil free and always have been.

No refined sugars
Naturally occurring sugars, yes. Refined sugar, no, none.

Plant-based (Vegan)
All of our products are 100% plant based by design.


Low waste
We do not like waste. If we have product that is coming to the end of its shelf life, we'll offer it at half price. If we have excess samples that we can't sell, we take it to Fairshare. Luckily this doesn't happen too often.

1% for the Planet
We became a 1% for the Member in January 2020. We use our profits to support the RSPB's Raptor Persecution team in their mission to end the illegal trapping, poisoning and shooting of the UK's birds of prey. Read more here.


Trash Free Trails

We Swim Wild

Wonderful Wild Women