Save 10% on energy snacks that actually taste nice

The Story Behind Outdoor Provisions

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Born on a bikepacking trip

It was somewhere amongst not showering for 5 days, rolling around in bivvy bags and shouting kaa kaaaw everytime we saw a majestic bird of prey that Outdoor Provisions was born.

With 600km of the Second City Divide to get into, punctuated by real world issues and idle chat, was a good amount of complaining about just how bad we felt energy bars were.

From terrible to tasty

Now, we know there’s a proud and long-standing tradition to uphold here. Energy bars should be disgusting, verging on inedible unless consumed at the top of a windswept summit where your senses and expectations are fleetingly numbed.

The texture should be somewhere between clay and sawdust, with a smattering of tooth chipping delights mixed in. You’ll need at least a litre of liquid per bar and one bar every five minutes to realise full effectiveness. And think of those poor bushes – the ones you find yourself running for at a moment’s notice. The things they’ve seen.

We’re unsubscribing from that and going against the grain with energy snacks that actually taste nice, wrapped in compostable packaging. Designed for easy on-the-move consumption and digestion; the bushes are safe once again.

The problem now is deploying enough self-control to make it out the door before stuffing one into your face.

" snacks that actually taste nice and won't leave you dashing for the bushes."
Shocking, isn't it?

Dependable. Portable. Tasty.

So here we are, making all natural energy snacks for fresh-air-heads. Forging our own way whilst remaining fiercely low impact and with a new promise; dependable, portable, tasty.

Strap in as we jog, ride and scramble into the future of outdoor snacking with 3% headtorch battery and a raging headwind. Liberated from the confines of tradition but full of energy.

Let’s take this outside.
Christian and Luke